“Knowledge, passion, trust.  I’ve done several lesson packages with Drew and knew immediately that my game would improve with him.  For anyone looking to take their game to the next level, Drew can get you there.  He has a vast knowledge of the game, but I value his systematic approach.  This is because I knew he wasn’t going to try and rebuild my swing into something I’m not, but rather improve my weaknesses and advance my strengths.  This is the path to better golf!”
*Rob E. – Providence, RI*

“Drew gave me a unique experience with the Trackman data. He suggested minor tweaks to my swing. Seeing the trackman numbers change in response to the subtle changes truly helped me better understand the lesson. The reaction on face angle, club path and ultimately ball flight were easier to internalize with the Trackman data justifying the swing feels I had. Drew truly understands the swing and how to use Trackman technology to get students to learn much faster”
*Brian M. – Exeter, RI*

I have been playing golf for over 25 years. I love the game but my job (and our long RI winters) prevents me from playing anywhere near as often as I would like. As a result, my game needs help – I’m a 17 handicap. I purchased a five series lesson package and it without question, was the best decision I have made in some time. Before I even began meeting with Drew, he sent me a survey to fill out which clarified for him [and me] my concerns about my game, this allowed both of us to determine the key areas of focus for my five lessons. For me, that was my iron play, and we spent the next five hours focused on that aspect of my game. During each lesson we used Trackman technology, which is really cool and provides a huge amount of information about my swing. Drew used all of that information, as well his own very close observation from just watching me hit balls to make recommendations to change my address position and introduce a few new in-swing feels. Most importantly, he was great at EXPLAINING to me in a very understandable way WHAT the problems were in those areas and what needed to be done to change it. The changes he recommended were actually quite minor, but I can tell you that they made a HUGE difference in my iron game.  Drew’s instruction for me was invaluable, and I CANNOT WAIT to get back on the course this spring and start seeing the impact on my actual game. One last thing, without question, Drew is by far the best golf instructor I have worked with over the years. But he is also a terrific guy. He’s very bright, extremely personable, and he knows and enjoys all sports, not just golf. My lesson experience not only transformed my iron game but they were a lot of fun as well!
*Gus M. – Narragansett, RI*

In my time working with Drew, I have learned so much about my game. I was a pull slicer of the golf ball when I arrived to see him but now working with Trackman technology and his knowledge of the golf swing, Drew was able to fix my slice and now I produce a tight draw ball flight pattern. Throughout my lesson package, Drew explained everything about my swing in a very easy to understand manner but it goes behind that, he truly cares about the golfers he works with on the lesson tee. He is someone that pushes me to be the very best player I can be and motivate me to put in the time and effort into getting better.  From his vast knowledge of the game of golf and his very approachable personality, Drew makes the game of golf fun to learn and is someone that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking a positive learning environment and a results driven coaching philosophy.
*Nick F. – North Kingstown, RI*

I have played casual golf for over 30 years, unfortunately without lessons. Now that I’m in my 50s I was getting more & more frustrated with my game and results.  I took a lesson package with Drew and immediately saw improvement. Drew and the use Trackman technology really increased my understanding of how to manage my swing. Drew not only added significant yardage to all my clubs he also narrowed my dispersion. My first round post lessons showed a pay-off not only hitting significantly more fairways and greens in regulation but making the course much more manageable and oh yes 11 shots lower than my average score on this course.  I still have much work to do but after lessons but with Drew I know exactly where & how I have to improve my game. Consider how much you spend on equipment & greens fees…. I would suggest the investment in lessons is the best return on investment you can make. If you’re looking to improve I highly recommend Drew and in fact have done so to several of my friends.
*Kevin M. – Narragansett, RI*

I recently took Drew’s 5 lesson package and could not be more pleased.  I am a poor golfer at best and haven taken lessons in the past. I am pleasantly amazed that in just 5 lessons Drew was able to improve all my biggest concerns – those being distance, hitting it straighter and being more consistent. Whatever Drew did just clicked and I could not be happier with my lesson experience.
*Sue R. – Charlestown, RI*

I had the pleasure of working with Drew for 3 one-hour lessons. For me, Drew highlighted alignment, posture, club path and clubhead speed. Using the data from the Trackman, Drew was able to explain the results & provide check points for me to implement either on the practice range or on the course. I find myself more confident on the course & to Drew, I say thank you very much! Each person will have their own unique traits in getting the club to the ball but what is great about Trackman is the data is immediate & Drew’s knowledge and ability to translate this data to his students in English is a “home run!” I highly recommend Drew to all. His energy & love of the game of golf is contagious… You will not be disappointed.
*John B. – East Greenwich, RI*


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